Transnational conference ''MATCHING SKILLS TO SUPPORT CAREER DEVELOPMENT'' - 22.1.2014, Maribor, Slovenia

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Mismatch between supply and demand of skills on the European labour market is reflected in structural unemployment and social exclusion and has negative impact on economic competitiveness and growth.The skills mismatch has to be overcome and educational systems adapted to changing labour market requirementsif we want to effectively use our human capital and talents.

Better anticipating and matching skills supply to labour market demand, cooperation and collective responsibility of stakeholders such as government, businesses, chambers, trade unions, education and training institutions and others is a challenge and crucial for future economic development, increased competitiveness and decreased unemployment. Partners from Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and Spain were looking for answers to this challenge through cooperation in the EFFECT project.

The Conference was an opportunity for presentation and exchange of experiences, good practices, models and approaches to anticipating and matching skills supply to labour market demand, career development and lifelong learning.


You can read more about the conference on the following link: MISCELLANY


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